Who Is My Brother? Who is My Sister?

July 8, 2017 | Posted by Tia Young


What a good question. For those of us involved with the Women of GoodWorks (dba of Widows and Orphans of God, Inc.), our brothers and sisters are people who have a permanent or temporary need of assistance.  If it is within our physical and financial power to help, we do so without judgment of race, creed, disability, social status, gender, or political preference.

I personally hope and pray that we, as human beings, do not go to the darker side of human compassion, which is total insensitivity to the needs of others.   If you see someone who has on a pair of boots, but no boot laces, and it is within your power to give them the laces, then you should give them the laces.  Sometimes, all it takes is a smile, an encouraging word, sharing a part of your wealth whether enormous or limited, or simply listening and perhaps shedding a tear with them. Sometimes, helping others requires teaching and providing life skills that will encourage and train people how to survive in this world of ours.

Remember, our lives can change within one second. Today, you are on top of the world and have all your needs met.  Overnight, (whether your fault, or not) one can be destroyed, and need the help and assistance of others, or your government. The loss of a job; a sick family member; a war; a hurricane or a flood; the death of a husband or wife with inadequate insurance; a divorce; a major loss in the stock market; the loss of property, and many other life situations can occur. Think about these things today.

Who is my Brother? Who is my Sister? YOU ARE!