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Please Help us to feed Individuals and Families in DC/MD/VA

We are staring a campaign to feed those who are hungry right here in the Nation’s Capitol. WILL YOU HELP US? Our organization will use the Thanksgiving Holiday to begin our campaign for feeding individuals and families in the DMV Areas. We have been feeding families for over 20 years from our personal funds, as we have never asked for donations. NOW, we are asking for donations because we want to reach more individuals and families each month. Every person on the face of this earth deserves to at least, “EAT healthy food”. Every month, we will show what the menu is for the month and based upon your giving, we will feed as many as we can until the $$$$ run out. Hopefully, the $$$$ won’t run out with your help and prayers. We get our food through the Catholic Charities and you can read all about this below. Our organization is a public charity. We do not discriminate on any basis. If you are hungry in the DMV and contact us, we will give you some food on the distribution date of Project SHARE. If you need more information, please call either Tia (703-348-3523, extension 1000 or Michelle, (703-348-3523, extension 1001. We are a 501(c)(3); a 509(a)(1), and a 170(B)(1)(A)(vi) of the Internal Revenue Code. Donate Today and no amount is too small! Thank you so much.

Every person on the face of this earth deserves to at least, “EAT healthy food”.




SHARE is a sustainable, social enterprise of Catholic Charities that helps anyone save money on nutritious, healthy food.  We are committed to supporting local community groups where all may participate, serve, and lead with dignity.

  • Providing wholesome and nutritious food to families and individuals at a reduced cost
  • Promoting volunteer service in our communities
  • Building partnerships with community organizations

Who can participate?

If you eat, you qualify!  SHARE is a great equalizer in a world of great inequality.  Everyone is welcome to purchase without application, qualification, identification, or documentation.   Everyone receives the same, fresh, high-quality food.

Because we purchase all the food we offer, the more who join us the STRONGER we become.
SHARE accepts organizational or business checks, credit and debit cards, EBT or SNAP benefits, money orders, gift certificates, and cash.

SHARE Value Package

The SHARE Value Package contains an exciting variety of quality food items: frozen proteins, beautiful and fresh produce, and occasional grocery items including desserts, pasta rice, and beans. The SHARE Value Package costs only $21 and has a value between $40 and $50 at your local grocery store. That’s 50-60% savings!

SHARE Special Package

SHARE frequently offers a specialty package geared towards current holiday or season. This includes: turkey and holiday packages for Thanksgiving and Christmas, seafood and summer grill package, and Super Bowl package. These packages are an excellent complement to our value package.

Healthier Families. Stronger Communities.


Thousands of families count on SHARE each month for affordable, nutritious groceries that are sold through volunteer-run locations throughout the Washington and Baltimore metropolitan area.

Monthly value packages cost just $21 and include $40-$45 worth of basic and healthy groceries, and always four to six pounds of frozen proteins and eight to 12 pounds of fresh fruits and vegetables, sometimes with seasonal grocery or dessert items.